Author Topic: Clubs/organizations to join near Palo Alto/Stanford area to meet frugal folks  (Read 2105 times)


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Hi all, I've lurked here for the past few months and wanted to see if there are any fellow MMM'ers near Stanford/Palo Alto. I've been here for a while now for work but would like to get involved in the community. Any recommendations on clubs/volunteer orgs to join to meet frugal folks? Doing some Google searches only leads me to Stanford-affiliated orgs (that I can't join b/c I didn't go to Stanford) or pay-to-join clubs (whose initiation fees range $100+).


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I've seen one other denizen around here somewhere.  You could find him with the forum search feature.  That makes us at least three.  I'm not aware of any clubs, though.


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I cant imagine there'd be too many on that side of the bay heh


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