Author Topic: How do I not get run over by a car?  (Read 20777 times)


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Re: How do I not get run over by a car?
« Reply #50 on: December 13, 2012, 10:22:22 AM »
Did you put reflective tape on the side and front of the helmet as well? 

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Re: How do I not get run over by a car?
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I'm a bike nut and have countless bikes. Really, I don't know how many bikes I have.

On one of my commuting bikes, I have one of these. I found it distracting to me on the front wheel, so I moved it to the rear wheel. It seems pretty effective. One night, while riding with lots of lights running, including this one, a police cruiser pulled up beside me and went at my speed for a few seconds. I was pedaling hard uphill, so I assume the officer was checking me out, but I don't think I looked his way. I take it as a good sign. This unit seems very well made. It has a button for an on/off switch which I have to press hard.

I have a pair of these on another commuter bike. I put one on each wheel. They're not so well made, but they've held up moderately well. They have no manual switch. They come on only when it's dark and when it detects motion. Both conditions have to exist for the lights to come on. They alternate flashing blue and red. This might be illegal, since it emulates police lights, but better safe than legal, if that's the choice. Once, an oncoming car stopped and pulled over, but I don't know if he thought I was a police vehicle or if he stopped for some other reason.


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Re: How do I not get run over by a car?
« Reply #52 on: December 13, 2012, 10:48:58 AM »

WAY more visible at night than bright colours.

Agreed, and my bikes and helmets (and motorcycle, and truck, and skates) are covered with reflective tape.

But I realized not all that long ago that the vast majority of my run-ins and near-misses with cars have been in the daytime, when reflective tape does basically nothing.  And I noticed that when I am driving, bright blinking lights and florescent green jackets (and presumably red helmets) stand out and mark what I am seeing as a bike rider very clearly without me having to pay attention or think.  And that's me, a lifelong cyclist, one who actually works at 2 jobs supporting cycle commuting.  The average driver is looking out for bikes less than me.  I figure its in our own best interest to make things as easy and obvious for them as possible (which is why I am willing to look like a traffic cone even in broad daylight)