Author Topic: Changing Insurance (Home & Auto) After Two Claims?  (Read 1192 times)


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Changing Insurance (Home & Auto) After Two Claims?
« on: March 12, 2017, 10:14:25 AM »
I'm wanting to shop around for lower rates.

I had a hail damage claim on my home owner's for my roof in May 2012. I got a new roof (new shingles and gutters, not the deck). Autos were liability only, so they were not involved.

That was followed by a not at fault auto accident (the other driver got three tickets, I got none) in August 2014. So that one is less than 3 years passed. My current insurer did not raise my rates, and I still get the accident free discount.

I hear that most companies look back 3 years when considering new customers, is that true? Is my particular claims history likely to affect my rates with a new company? Will any companies that I apply to take note of the recent auto accident, and for that reason would I be better off to wait until next year when the auto claim is over 3 years old?

The companies I'm most interested in are Amica and Ameriprise (the latter through Costco), if anyone has specific knowledge of those two companies it would be extra helpful.


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