Author Topic: Cash windfall what to do.  (Read 2667 times)


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Cash windfall what to do.
« on: October 13, 2015, 12:33:44 AM »
Hi all,

I am a relatively new mustachian, Age 30

Where we are at. combined income of $120K,
House Loan - $300K
No other debts.
My wifes savings : $20K
My savings: $10K.

Next January I get a payout from work (long service leave of $10K) (or I can take 9 weeks of pay at full time rates, or half pay for double the time so effectively 20 weeks off).

I hate my job and really need to get out and away for a long time or completely change fields/start a business etc. But obviously this has not materialised yet. But we are trying to start a family, no success yet.

My question to you guys, what would you do?

This could be a great opportunity for me to have a long time off, travel and do something interesting, learn a new skill or just enjoy life and still have a job to come back after. My wife is encouraging me to travel and not waste it.

Take the money and run and use the cash to start my business and change jobs.

Take the money and use it to pay some mortgage off/invest in stock or possible future rental property.

What would you do if you had this opportunity?


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Re: Cash windfall what to do.
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2015, 04:05:56 AM »
Vanguard admiral shares...reinvest dividends and cash out in 25 years.


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Re: Cash windfall what to do.
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2015, 04:47:45 AM »
If you're planning to start a family, better to do some financial planning too. Depending on two full time incomes with kids means you need to put your kid in expensive daycare. So either one of you stays at home, or pay for daycare. Either way it is a large impact on your finances. You could use this time or money to adjust your lifestyle so you can raise your kid(s) the way you want to.

For example if you can switch to a job which makes you free to stay at home some times or that is close to where you live, that is extremely useful. I always find that breaks are only nice during the break, and when I get back I am actually less motivated to work for a few weeks. On the other hand when I make steps to secure a future by locking in savings or other long term life improvements it gives me a mental peace knowing things are getting better even when I don't like my job.

But I don't really hate my job, so I can't decide the urgency for you. Also if traveling is your life dream, maybe do it. Otherwise, use the time to apply for a better job and start somewhere else. If it doesn't work you can go back after 20 weeks and the double income will also be nice. ;) (Do check your contract on double employment though)

Before changing careers try to find out what it is you really don't like about your job. Usually the company and people you work with determine how nice your work is more that the work itself. Also maybe try some MOOC to see what other field you would like. Here's a list of MOOCs:


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