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Title: Cargo Carriers for small cars
Post by: thisadviceisworthles on June 09, 2017, 08:18:21 AM

I go rid of my big, gas guzzling truck a little while back and have been basking in the glow of having a fuel bill that's less than my mortgage (slight exaggeration).

The only thing I really miss about the truck, is being able to carry things outside of the cab.  Little things typically, most often my ice chest of fish after I go fishing.  A hitch mounted cargo carrier would be a perfect solution, but my car has a Class 2 (1.25") hitch and all of the ones I look at are for Class 3 (2") hitches.  The ones I find that advertise Class 2, use an adaptor that pushes the tray away from the car, which I would like to avoid.

I'm sure I'm not the first to experience this, does anyone have suggestions for a native 1.25" hitch cargo carrier that stays near the car?  Bonus points if it lifts the tray higher than the hitch rather than pushing the tray straight out.