Author Topic: Career tourism before FIRE?  (Read 1546 times)


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Career tourism before FIRE?
« on: March 05, 2017, 06:27:56 PM »

(a little backstory)
I write software, usually on contract at an hourly rate and make a decent amount at it. We are still probably 3 years from barebones FIRE. A number that I wouldn't RE with, but that would put us reasonably close. I am 26 and my wife is 24.

However, we are getting a little restless in the day to day of things. We want to travel the world, staying in AIRBnBs and seeing all that life has to offer! Like most of here! Though, even in 3 years we probably wouldn't have the income to justify that kind of spending.

So we are probably looking at 5ish years yet to TRUE FIRE.

-----------------------------The actual topic------------

That being said, we tossed around the idea of me picking up contracts (3mo, 6mo or 12mo) in length in interesting places here in the US to help keep things fun and maybe extend my career as long as we can take it. Places like FL near the beaches, NY or Chicago for the big city feel, or who knows!

Has anyone done this? We would rent our current home out, hit the road and do our thing. We could love it, we might hate it! Not sure.

We probably wouldn't legitimately implement this until we had around 500k in the market, at about 300k now that should take around 2 years (probably less)

Ideas? Thoughts?


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Re: Career tourism before FIRE?
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2017, 07:26:35 PM »
Since you're in software (as am I), is there a reason you don't want to find a remote position and then live wherever you want not limited by where the job(s) is(are)?


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