Author Topic: Career Decision: Master's scholarship or job? (Advice needed)  (Read 2144 times)


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Hi everyone, glad to be part of the community. I am a fan of MMM and decided to register in the forum to ask for advice in a career decision.

I am an Electrical Engineering recent graduate from Latin America (24 yo) and I was awarded with a scholarship to pursue a Master's in Engineering Management at a great university in US. I also received an offer to work for a top multinational electronics manufacturing company in my country. Given the fact that, after finishing my Master's, I will have to stay in my home country for the same time I spent in US (2 years), and taking into consideration the opportunities and life experience provided by the scholarship, what would be the best choice?

Thank you!


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Re: Career Decision: Master's scholarship or job? (Advice needed)
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Hard to tell. Can you give us more details? Who, where, what, how much?


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