Author Topic: Career change: Eng/soc degree, mental health experience - ideas?  (Read 737 times)


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Hi everyone, thank you for reading my thread!

Looking for some career change ideas. I have an English degree with a sociology minor. I moved to a smaller city to complete a BSN (nursing) degree. I got 2 years into it and decided it wasn't for me. I work in a position similar to a social worker and make okay money (~65k/year). I bought a house, I have a girlfriend who's going to be a nurse in a year, and I have a good life here.

My problem comes with a lack of mobility with my position.  You need a masters degree to work elsewhere in the country to do the job I have. I don't particularly want to get a masters of counselling or social work. If I went back to school I'd like to make more money and have more flexibility with where I can live. The city I live in isn't particularly nice, and I would like the option to move.

I'm pretty handy. I've done a kitchen, 2 bathroom renos (minus the plumbing), and a bunch of painting and basic carpentry. I've thought drywalling would be good, since there aren't a lot of drywallers out there. I like houses, renovations and working with my hands. I'm good at building relationships and I'd like to be in a leadership position at some point in my career. I like negotiating and flipping. It's not that I dislike my job, but if I could make more money I would.

What are some things I can look into becoming that mobility and good wages? I'm in Canada in a northern community and I don't plan on going back to a large city.
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