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Re: Career Advice Version 1.204856 - Niche Engineer to Less Niche?
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You'd want to look at other project managers and what their career track becomes.  I worked at a company where I was asked to project manage as a new job title and turned it down because there, the job was highly visible, high stress and at the end of the project, the company sort of left you to find a new job inside or outside the company.  50% of these people ended up either leaving the company after the project ended or were laid off.

Now, that's not what happens everywhere.  Does your company refund tuition for taking night courses towards a degree?  If so, take the courses.  If nothing else, achieving a higher degree of any kind goes on the resume.  Another notch on the resume is to become a professional engineer.  Take the first tests towards this.  Your company may refund your fee to take this.  Even if a PE isn't required in your field (not in mine), it's a good thing to be able to print on your business card and could put you a notch even over PhDs who don't have it.