Author Topic: Career advice: slightly strange opportunity in a new industry.  (Read 307 times)


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So, there's a tech company that has done some business with the college where I was employed. They've also done business with several major companies, some of which you've heard of before. I worked with them a bit before I left the college, mostly working with the CEO. When I first left the college he and I sat down and discussed the possibility of me working for them on some grants. Last week he emailed me out of the blue and he and I met today to revisit that conversation.

The technology they sell is "augmented reality". A professor/instructor records how to use a piece of equipment (something in the medical or automotive fields, stuff like that). There's a monitor that hooks up to the equipment, and while the students use the equipment the software tells them if they're doing it correctly or not. It's for manufacturers training new employees, community colleges, hospitals, etc.

The CEO has been talking to various government officials (people from ARC, the Dept. of Commerce, etc.) He says he's looking to hire a grant person to work with non-profits and government institutions that would apply to a funding body (the state or federal government). He's offering me that coordinating role. It would be helping non-profits and institutions get funding for the equipment.

It seems that the business is growing. He's working with interns from a university that is a Big Deal in the state. They've got some bonafides, but it sounded like he expects grants to be a major source of income.

I'm not totally opposed to it. I'd like to get back in the grant world. The work sounds like it would be interesting, although I think this company needs to crawl before they run in regards to grants. I also think that while some of the non-profits and institutions would have grants departments, not all of them would be that lucky. There are some parts about this that I find attractive. Also, some extra money would be nice.

The things that make me pause are harder to put my finger on. There is no job description, and in fact this meeting was not presented as a job interview, but as a way to catch up. I'm enjoying my job at the library, and don't want to leave so soon after being hired. The CEO is very much a salesman, and that man loves jargon. I went to his LinkedIn page. A google search for the businesses he ran resulted in nothing, but I think at least one was bought and merged with a foreign corporation.

I'm not even sure what I'm asking. If anyone has any words of wisdom, I'm all ears. Tech isn't a field I know much about, and most of my job experience has been in the public sector, not the private.