Author Topic: can any one help???  (Read 1738 times)


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can any one help???
« on: June 10, 2013, 03:38:22 PM »

 hi, I tried posting this in the DIY section, but for some strange reason was unable to locate the new topic icon.
So please bear with me,this is a DIY probelm, mu husband would normally take care of this, but he is in europe for  weeks so I will try to fix it myself.  (I hope)
MY 7  yr old GE dishwasher was working perfect for 7 yrs ,then today it decided to not drain on the fianl rinse.
the dishes were perectly clean, and the water which was left on the bottom of the dishwasher was also clean, so it seems like the dishwasher is NOT draining on the fianl rinse, anyways I removed the water using a plastic cup and soaked up the water using towels, I did not want to leave water at the bottom of the dishwasher.
I dont think its the filtre since it seems to rinse thr out all the other cycles, but I am not sure ???
the garbage disposal is all working good, it drains well and sounds ok.
I am not too sure what to do.
does anyone now if this is a easy fix, or should I be looking at new dishwashers??? I called a friend she said it would cost $175.00 for a tech to come out!!! a new one would be $350.00.
This is our 2 nd dishwasher in 14 yrs, things certainly dont last long, also this dishwasher I have was a expensive one ,it was $850.00 I was just checking the manual and found the bill.
Just looking for any in sight.......................I will just wash the dishes in the sink in the mean time.
thanks for any inforamation................and sorry for posting in the wrong cateory.


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Re: can any one help???
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2013, 04:03:09 PM »
Hey June - Check out online diagnosis to see if there is a relatively easy fix for your problem: