Author Topic: Cal. Pub. 13100 Regarding Probate (or the avoidance of it) after FIL's death  (Read 525 times)


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Anyone have experience with this? I have looked it up and feel confident I can file on behalf of my sole-heir wife to a small estate belonging to her father. The process of avoiding probate involves an affidavit filed 40 days after death. It needs to be notarized and all that, but I'm wondering how much of it, if not all, we can do long distance. He was a renter, and as such, we can't just store his stuff indefinitely, but we also can't sell it off either until my wife can officially inherit his limited assets.

If someone can help and more information is needed, I may be able to provide it. It would seem wasteful to hire a full-blown attorney for such a small sum of money. I might also be inclined to let most everything go the way of all things and let the landlord clean/sell stuff.