Author Topic: Buying Auto and Health insurance for foreign relatives visiting for a few months  (Read 2419 times)


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My fiancee's parents will be visiting for several months and coming for our wedding next year.  They're from China.

Is it feasible to get them health insurance?  They're in their 50s and in great health.

Also, what about Auto insurance?  Her dad has been driving in China for years and we live in an area without feasible public transportation options other than driving, and they're not interested in getting a bike as MMM might suggest (which I'm fine with.)  Chauffeuring them around is not an option as both of us work long hours and they'd be bored staying at home all day.
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I too would be interested in health insurance for the in laws for while they're visiting, however regarding the car, you may check with your insurance, but I know some auto insurance companies will cover the "loaned" car under your name. It'd be worth checking into.


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When they book their trip would it be cheaper for them to pay for medical insurance then? Usually travel medical insurance is nominal and I would prefer to pay that then take the chance that I would become ill or injured in the US. Regardless of how healthy someone may seem you can not predict what will happen in the future, thus, insurance.

I have no idea how the car insurance would work, but if you contact your car insurance company they should be able to let you know the cost and then you could determine if it is worth it.


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Having them buy travel insurance at home, which includes health insurance, is likely to be the cheapest and best option.

As for auto insurance, will they be driving your car or renting one? Do they have auto insurance at home?


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