Author Topic: Why can't my husband use his prior year PIN on our newly-joint tax return?  (Read 1363 times)


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We got married in 2014, this is the first year we are filing jointly. I'm using my H&R Block online/free edition, and it's telling me we shouldn't use my husband's prior year PIN--that the IRS might reject the return, so we need to either get a new PIN or use his 2013 AGI. Why would using the prior year PIN be bad? Doesn't it establish your identity to continue using the same PIN? Is this because it's the first year we're filing jointly? The software auto-populated my 2013 AGI instead of asking me for my PIN like it usually does, which makes me think it's because we're filing jointly now. But, basically, is this real or can we just use the PIN?

(This wouldn't be an issue if we had his AGI accessible, but for whatever reason, he didn't save his return last year, and at this point the only way to get his AGI before the 15th is to pay H&R Block $10. Which I will if I have to, but, Mustachian :D )


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The IRS must issue a new PIN -- each one is only for the year it was issued. You can use the prior year's AGI instead.

I'm thrilled the IRS is doing this because we've been experiencing numerous indicators of income tax fraud attempts.