Author Topic: Brother's GF Just Facebook-Ranted About Food-Stamps...Need Help  (Read 42519 times)

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Re: Brother's GF Just Facebook-Ranted About Food-Stamps...Need Help
« Reply #150 on: January 31, 2016, 01:42:43 PM »
I have several family members who continually moan about not having enough money for this or that, but they always seem to have the resources to buy some new toy. Who cares?

I am certainly not going to bail anyone out of a situation they created on their own and continue to make worse. I am not even sure I would expend the energy to point out how they could fix their problem. I certainly wouldn't buy them a book. I likely wouldn't even lend them a sympathetic ear. I do have Facebook, but most of the crazy relatives are hidden from the regular feed. On the other hand, I also hide a lot of the wealthy relatives who only post their travel pics, the McMansion remodel and/or addition, or complain about how difficult it is to get all six cars parked in their sub-standard garage/driveway.

Now, if they have their own come-to-jesus realization and are ready to completely change how they live, how they save and spend, and how they will attack their future...that's different. It isn't up to me to get them to that point. Everyone has to decide for themselves and get to that point of buying in... until then, it isn't my problem.

What I guess in this case, is that the girlfriend and boyfriend will at some point decide to marry and, of course, they deserve a big fat clown wedding of their dreams and will start a gofundme campaign so that others can pay for it.



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Re: Brother's GF Just Facebook-Ranted About Food-Stamps...Need Help
« Reply #151 on: January 31, 2016, 08:06:23 PM »
You can feed them or you can teach them to fish. Buy them a copy of this book (used, of course) and then BUTT OUT! Stop reading her FB page. When they get hungry enough, they will figure it out!

Bonus points if you recognize the first reviewer.
relation to
Thomas Stanley?
Bzzzzzz! Try again please. Worth the effort.  Hint: Google knows her.

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