Author Topic: Barking dogs - nothing much changed (final update for anyone who was following)  (Read 29219 times)


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Maybe I missed it, but if you have to sign a convenant to an HOA, and pay them insane amounts of money to maintain a tranquil paradise and police everyone's mailboxes and siding colors, then it seems to me they are required to respond to folks like you that they've formed a contract with, and be required to enforce their own rules. I hate HOA's anyways and it seems like to me based on skimming this thread they are trying to push off the responsibility that they may be legally required to keep. No one wins when lawyers are involved but sometimes a little cage rattling through some pointed letters from a law office can get results.


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This situation sucks.  I feel for you having dealt with it a few times before.  The owners do know.  I'd say probably always.

First home we owned had a barker next door (and side of our MBR).  Would bark non-stop for 45 minutes.  I didn't walk over since we weren't exactly friends (caught the husband letting the dog crap on mailbox flower bed and start walking back  "hey, do you need a bag?").

Rather, I called up one day and said "your dog must be hurt, it is outside and barking really loudly".  They were very appreciative.  Was the only way I could tell them without my anger showing through.  The idiots also had an old-style car alarm in their Mercedes that said "Viper is armed" very loudly each time the car was locked.....usually at 7am on weekends.

Other time, it was for neighbors to the back.  I drove over and put a note in their mailbox.  In neither case did this help.  No HOA, but in a different house we frequently called the police (when we couldn't tell which house it was coming from) who were happy to come over.

Whatever your future course, keep in mind that you are not the problem.  Get more support from immediate neighbors.  A noise nuisance would affect the value of all the homes nearby.


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OP - I haven't read all the posts yet but I have a yappy little dog (aptly nicknamed "The Barkinator") so have been on the other side of the barking dog issue. My suggestions would be to first talk to the neighbors so that they are aware that it is a problem as they may not even know it is. If you aren't comfortable doing that and your HOA won't do it for you (make the dogs owners know it's a problem) then contact your local cities animal control officer. Many cities,  mine included, have a "nuisance animal" ordinance which includes barking dog, and they will cite and fine your neighbor - usually with a warning first and ticket and possible court appearance next. This happened to me and it not only made me aware of The Barkinator's barking while I was gone (have a house with a dog door to the back yard) but forced me to correct it ... well try to correct it as it is still a problem.... if I wouldn't do it myself (I would have if the neighbors had told me first).   
Here is a ordinance for my city:

Barking Dogs

It is unlawful to allow an animal to disturb any person by audible sound. First complaints are issued a warning; subsequent complaints within one year can result in a summons to court. The city's barking dog ordinance can be found in the City Code under Title VI (6-7-7). 

I've found my own way to deal with The Barkinator but probably won't work for you:

"Listen, and understand. That Barkinator is out there. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you..." give it treats.