Author Topic: Bike food delivery (ie: Foodora, Deliveroo,Uber Eats) - worthy as a side hustle?  (Read 2014 times)


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I've noticed that there's a lot of bike-based food delivery companies around the city here nowadays, like Foodora and Deliveroo (and a couple of others). I've even seen Uber Eats staff using bikes.

It sounds like an interesting side hustle to earn a few bucks in the evenings (although it doesn't seem like a big earner) and spend some more time biking.

Does anyone else do that, or similar freelance bike courier jobs?


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A coworker of mine did foodora on a bike. No numbers, but he said in the end it was barely worth it, considering the extra food he would consume to make up for the calories burnt through biking across town.
This is in a very bike-friendly city.

On the other hand, a few restaurants that are located within 400m of my apartment do uber eats by electric or manual scooter (like this one). These people do well and seem happy, but only an option if you live very close to restaurants.


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I'm considering doing this with Deliveroo as I live in North Adelaide, and there seem to be about a dozen restaurants on the main strip that use them. Many also use Ubereats. I might try out both. North Adelaide is mostly flat and fairly well off. A couple of my neighbours seem to get ubereats all the time!

I used to cycle a lot, especially commuting, and a few years ago did a cycle tour from Aus to Europe, so the cycling doesnt phase me, and even if it isn't a big earner, good excuse to do more riding and get uberfit again (get it, that's a Dad joke!).

If I don't like it, I'll just stop. Got a job already. This is evening fun, potentially :-)


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I had a friend do this for a while and it didn't seem like it was worth it from a money earning perspective.  If you just want an excuse to cycle around in your free time though, it would be a fun thing to do.


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Since my commute takes me through a very dense Urban area with many restaurants on the way, I considered using UberEats to make a little money on the way. But, after investigating it, I learned you can't actually tell what direction an order is going to send you in before you except it. If I were slightly diverted and it added ten minutes to my commute, that would be worth it. But if it sends me a few miles in the wrong direction that would make my commute a lot longer.