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BIFL Trimmer ?
« on: October 06, 2014, 01:58:26 AM »
Need some mustachian help for a new trimmer purchase that I hope to keep for life. Ideally, the trimmer would be built solidly, able to sustain some jolts and minor falls. It should also ideally be able to run both with a cord and without it, and the batteries should be user-replaceable. It's OK if I need to remove a few screws to replace these batteries, but it shouldn't involve soldering new batteries.

I was exasperated to find that my current Norelco trimmer ran on NiCd batteries AND are soldered to the circuit. I got new NiCd batteries and tried to solder one on, but it was hard to solder without tabs and the solder heat killed the battery so it doesn't retain as much power as it should.

I was about to solder NiMh that I had lying around but after I found that NiMh batteries could explode with heat, I refrained from doing so.

So, I currently have a trimmer that only lasts one trim.

Would love your advice on a nice new trimmer!