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Title: Best way to buy new tires
Post by: G. Thomas on November 18, 2016, 08:59:27 AM
What is the cheapest way to buy new tires?  I see two options, buy at a shop like Discount Tire or buy online and take tires to a shop to install. 

Title: Re: Best way to buy new tires
Post by: boarder42 on November 18, 2016, 09:18:22 AM
i just did this here is what i did
1. set an alert at for tires.
2. wait til a good tire deal popped up - i got 4 tires for my Ford Escape Hybrid 70k mile tires good reviews for 352 shipped to my door
3. took em to NTB to install.  92.10 - included oil change ... i think it was 15 a tire plus tax installed.  not the someone said below

total cost was 440 installed.

retail is around 120bucks per tire.
Title: Re: Best way to buy new tires
Post by: NoStacheOhio on November 18, 2016, 09:27:16 AM
I poke around the NTB and Tire Rack sites for best quality/price (including rebates), then compare to local shops and figure out what my best deal is after install. Watch your mail for auto service coupons (like $5 off $50 or more) to combine. Expect to pay ~$25/tire for install if you bring your own.
Title: Re: Best way to buy new tires
Post by: neo von retorch on November 18, 2016, 09:32:09 AM
Cheapest way is to shop around. Then again cheapest isn't always best :)

I searched for tires that had good reviews (not just on that one website), and then started shopping around. Ended up that Sam's Club had a rebate and Goodyear had a rebate on top of that, and paying $45 for Sam's Club membership + the whole tire cost installed was still cheaper than any other place (even with the Goodyear rebate) so that's what I did.

Also, as for "the right tires" I specifically wanted ones that were "good enough" in snow for the few times we have decent snow coverage on the roads (south central PA) but you might have different priorities.
Title: Re: Best way to buy new tires
Post by: Livingthedream55 on November 18, 2016, 10:55:50 AM
I buy from BJs (you do have a have a membership which I got with a coupon for around $25 or some years I split the cost with my sister: regular fee is $50 a year) and get tires for about $90 each installed. BJs will fix flats for free for the life of that tire and will do free tire rotations and balancing also.
 I believe Costco has a similar deal.
Title: Re: Best way to buy new tires
Post by: StartingEarly on November 18, 2016, 11:33:35 AM
Sam's club. The tire prices are great and the perks are amazing. They actually have free emergency roadside tire changed during the first three years, I think there is an asterisk in there somewhere though ;)
Title: Re: Best way to buy new tires
Post by: chemistk on November 18, 2016, 01:29:04 PM
Tires (and oil) are probably the things I spend the most money on for my cars. The differences between a budget set of tires and a good set of tires can mean life or death in certain situations. My last few sets of tires have been purchased through, and I can't recommend them enough. Their prices on 'good' tires (I see good tires as name-brand, high positive review tires - think Continental, Goodyear, Michelin, Hankook, Yokohama, etc.) are often some of the lowest you can find and their selection is unmatched. You can buy the tires online and have them shipped to an authorized installer who will receive them, call you to set up an appointment, and only charge you for installation. You can even have the tires mounted on rims by TireRack and have them shipped directly to your door (that's what I did for my set of winter tires - I had them mounted on dedicated steel wheels and shipped to me. I can swap to winter tires in 20 minutes at home).

Their customer service is unmatched. Case-in-point: I ordered the aforementioned snow tires online and within 5 minutes I got a call from a specialist (not a salesperson) to remind me that the tires would be shipped with special lugs for mounting them (can't use the factory ones on steelies) and also to tell me that the tires I bought were the ones best suited for the car I was buying them for. They will also work to resolve disputes with the installation shop if there is an issue and their tires have lifetime road hazard protection.

Sorry for the spiel. I promise i'm not affiliated, I just think they're a great business.
Title: Re: Best way to buy new tires
Post by: Spork on November 18, 2016, 01:55:33 PM
I have also had great luck with probably 4 sets of tires from them over the years.  I pay $15 a tire locally for mount/balance. 

For antique cars, try  I've had great experience with them as well.
Title: Re: Best way to buy new tires
Post by: G. Thomas on November 18, 2016, 01:57:10 PM
Thanks all. Currently picking up tires from tire rack. Price shopped and they won. Will have to go to an independent installer but will shop around for that too.

While here I saw big-o and a few other companies pick up product so I feel like I went to the right spot!
Title: Re: Best way to buy new tires
Post by: ketchup on November 18, 2016, 02:00:37 PM
FYI: Discount Tire has a Black Friday deal next week but their site is scant on details:
Title: Re: Best way to buy new tires
Post by: JLee on November 18, 2016, 03:07:11 PM
Twice a year, Discount Tire Direct via eBay typically has a $100-off-$400 coupon. If you have a Discount Tire near you, I have been able to apply the $100-off-$400 coupon to in-store pricing (which is less because shipping is not wrapped into the price).  If your tires are over $200/ea, you can buy two at a time and get $200 off of four.