Author Topic: Independent Cdn software development contractor - recommended legal structure?  (Read 966 times)


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My wife has a lead on a possible contract as an independent software developer, working for a government agency in Europe. She's Canadian, and living in Canada. The length of this contract is unknown at this time, but most likely it will be full-time for a short period (2-3 months), and then intermittent/part time in the future.

For the scope of it, it seems best that she sets up as a sole proprietorship, as the extra hassle/cost of incorporating at this stage doesn't seem to be worth it. Also, it might have to be set up in a short period of time, but we're obviously reluctant to commit significant sums of money to something that still might not happen (i.e. lawyer consults)

I've tried searching online, but there are so many articles that don't address this situation that's it's hard to go through and find the info I need to know. So, does anyone know:

  • Are there additional legal liability issues that should be be explicitly covered in a sole proprietorship? (i.e. should she get extra liability coverage of some type, or write something particular into the contract?)
  • Does anyone have a basic contract that could be used as a starting point?
  • Can anyone recommend an accountant that works remotely that has experience in international consulting?
  • Would there be any benefits in Estonian e-residency? (it doesn't seem like it, but perhaps I'm missing something).
  • Any other insight/advice to offer?