Author Topic: Been Writing a Blog for the Past 2 Months- Would Love some Feedback  (Read 1399 times)


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My partner and I started this blog a couple of months ago, still rather new to it all and so many things to learn about building a website.

Let us know what you think and would really appreciate feedback on the site.



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Do you have an ultimate goal of this blog... just for fun or eventually making money?

I've been travel blogging for 3 months, making small improvements as I go along.  It is very hard work, much more than I imagined.  It is a very crowded space and you have to be really good at it and constantly hustling, early entry with something new (too late for the topics you and I picked), or lucky, to get big.

My home page is on it's 3rd redesign.   Someone on this board suggested the latest theme and I like it alot, but need to fix the colors.

As for your site, it's a good start.  The articles are a little generic (I'm 100% guilty of this myself... need to work on storytelling).
Can you change the font on the "WISEWEALTHANDHEALTH" on the homepage?  Maybe design a logo or make it clearer?