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I've been cutting back my spending and getting rid of things that simply sit around and use electricity that I don't use. I want to start investing, but I'm not sure how to tell if I am in a good spot to start. How much would I need to do an initial investment? (Looking more at Vanguard at the moment). While I'm saving more money now, I'm still relatively new to this and my household income is fairly low (just over $30,000/yr between my wife and I). Any advice I can get would help greatly, we are trying to look at ways to increase our income but at this point in time neither of us have any marketable skills and very little free time to practice or learn any skills, so it's been difficult.

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Hi and welcome!

To get help from the forum, it might be best to post a case study to see how you're doing in relation to debt/living expenses/investing.

Also, one of the best ways to learn about investing is Jim Collins' stock series. I knew almost nothing about 3 years ago, and that series opened my eyes and made it possible to do much of my own research and actually understand things going forward. Can't recommend it enough. :)


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You can open an IRA at Vanguard with $1000.

Anytime you want to save more, you can either make more money or spend less. $30k a year for two people is $7.50/hr working full time. I worked minimum wage jobs to support myself through college, so I've been there. I think it's great that you're putting money aside now. In terms of earning power, you have nowhere to go but up from here. Keep your expenses low as your earning power increases, and you'll be retired in no time.

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If you are only making 30k/year between 2 people, a good investment might be trying to learn on, for $25/month you can learn on there, and I know you said you don't have time, but as little as 1 hour a day would help. I've heard they help get people jobs after you finish enough of their courses as well.

Another option might be trying to get a job as an apprentice of some kind, you'll still probably get paid and you'll also learn skills. One example, they are hiring Pre-Apprentice Linemen at my local utility starting at $12/hr, but if you do well then after 1-2 years you can become an apprentice linemen which makes more, and then a few years later you can become a lineman and make a lot more.

I've heard you can buy ETF's of Vanguard for as little as $50, but when I went to start my Vanguard account I had to put $3000 down to get into Vanguard total stock market. I think the combined Vanguard fund can be started with only $1000.


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Are you debt free? Pay off debt first.


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Also, one of the best ways to learn about investing is Jim Collins' stock series.

Yes, this exactly +1 agreed AA++ would buy again.

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