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Australia - "new" car
« on: May 12, 2017, 10:26:24 PM »
What I mean by new is a replacement of my car who just got written off by some dick who actually tried to fly away....

I was driving a very moustachian car and will get approx... $2800 for my car !!

So I need a replacement with criteria as follow and see what others do drive:
- A car that will last 4 years approx as this is when I plan to resell it
- So a car that holds resell value
- Why the above? I'm in sales and this is when I hope to get FIRE - approx -
- Because I'm in sales, I need a car "slighly" better than a corolla. I know...
- Auto transmission. This important: Not the shitty shaft that the corolla or our subaru impreza's got (Not a very mustachian car BTW!)
- Kms, not really important as long as I will run out of trouble. Will do approx 17 000 to 20 000 kms in the next 4 years max
- good size boot if possible, so hatch or wagon, but not a i20, mazda 2, etc...
- Fuel efficiency a must :-)
- in NSW
- budget below 10k, 12k max
- popular so that I can resell.
- The more options the better ! (i do find easy to add sunroof ie when you buy second hand at virtually no extra cost!)

So far, I have seen: Audi A3 (normal and quattro), Vw golf (normal and wagon), passat, mazda 3.
I d like to avoid: Holden, corean brands, no well known brands.

Any car I'm not considering I should?