Author Topic: Are you planning a wedding right now? Or did you do so recently?  (Read 16505 times)

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Re: Are you planning a wedding right now? Or did you do so recently?
« Reply #50 on: May 08, 2014, 10:37:35 AM »
My husband and I got married before I found this site and started to change my stupid consumer ways.  Nonetheless, we managed to have a *fairly* mustachian event.

I was 8.5 months pregnant and we got married by a justice of the peace.  I think the whole thing (certificates and whatnot) cost around $200.   The JOP came to a nice beach park, so we had a lovely beach backdrop.

My mother was upset, as could have been expected.  So the following year we threw an anniversary party, that was really like a wedding reception.  It was lovely and cost us around $5,000.  We could have spent less if we needed to, but we were OK with this amount of expense. 

We invited about 50 friends and family from near and far, rented a local arboretum for a lovely venue.  We hired a great jazz band from Brooklyn, had it catered, but decorated ourselves.  We also rented tables and chairs.  The food was the largest expense, with the band second.   We lucked out with beautiful weather, and everyone had a great time.

If we wanted to spend even less, we could have had a comparable experience by:
- buying food and tasking out prep to a few lucky family/friends.
- hiring a local band or a local guy with a guitar for far less (though the band we hired for about $1400 before tips was amazing, classy, and *made* the event).
- having the event at a local park.


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Re: Are you planning a wedding right now? Or did you do so recently?
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Congratulations and happy planning!

I got married last Saturday and it was, I think, semi-mustachian. We spent about $2800 total including rings, travel to Long Island, food/booze, and everything.

Saved on A Bunch
I did buy a dress at a bridal boutique, but it was a lace ivory bridesmaid's dress for about $125. It fit off the rack - yay!
I made a hair thingy for about $4 (copied this and also bought $5 earrings that I painted to be a closer match to my dress. (

I got simple flats that I can wear to work often (Kohl's had tons for less that $20.) I searched and searched for a shrug that would go with a knee-length dress without looking too fancy, but I ended up putting on a sweater I already had and it worked out just fine.

My hubby's uncle acted as our officiant - he got ordained online for free and not only did he do a wonderful job, but he was very honored that we asked him to perform the ceremony and now is pursuing it as a side gig!

We had the ceremony and "reception" at the same uncle's house, and just rented a tent and tables. We lucked out with weather. It was a casual event of about 35 guests and I could not be happier with how it turned out. We got many, many compliments on how much fun it was, how down to earth and practical, and even that it was the best wedding lots of people had ever been to. :-) We bought beer and a few bottles of wine, no liquor. No DJ or anything, just pandora radio.

Splurged On...
Dessert - almost $200 for the cake and trays of amazing Italian cookies.
Rings - blingy bling.
Honeymoon - Paris and Rome, nice hotels, right in the city centers.

  • How to keep costs on alcohol down, when it takes place in a restaurant? Ideas?
One way many people suggest keeping booze costs down is to choose a signature drink that includes only one or two types of alcohol, and don't offer other types. If you pick something that most people will drink or can easily be combined with soda and juice, then people are still happy with it but you aren't paying for the whole bottle of something only one person had.

  • I think I will be doing my own hair and make-up. Risky? Smart? At least I'll look like ME...
Yes, do your own! It was important to me that I look LIKE ME for such a big day, and I am very happy about the decision. If you normally don't wear a lot of makeup or hair product and you pay someone to slather it on you, you may just be uncomfortable and self-conscious all day.

And of course I'm attaching a pic because I'm still psyched about how it went. :-D Good luck planning, and remember to have fun with it!