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Question for Canadian vehicle/Business Insurance people
« on: February 06, 2022, 11:13:35 AM »
As you have seen in the news, Ottawa (capital of Canada) presently has a "protest" (no protest permit, illegal protest) running with truckers.  Downtown Ottawa is full of semi tractor trailers, some farm vehicles, and other work vehicles.  Other cities are now also having truck protests start.

So the point has been raised - is their business/farm insurance on these vehicles invalid if they are being used for something other than business/farming?  As in, violating all sorts of municipal bylaws while they carry out their protest? If they get sued (lots of civil suits are being proposed by very annoyed residents, plus given some of their activities they are also going to be in major trouble with the city for property damage) will their insurance cover them? 

In general, how financially vulnerable are they for their use of business vehicles in a situation like this?  And if they are vulnerable, are their insurance companies telling them they are vulnerable?  Or since the companies might not know which clients are doing this, are the companies sending out general notices?

I'm not in the downtown core, but I am on a major street that semi-tractor trailers and other trucks and tractors have used to get to the demonstration, and some of these vehicles look very expensive.


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Re: Question for Canadian vehicle/Business Insurance people
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2022, 01:56:32 PM »
I had business insurance when I used my car for work, but it didnít preclude me for using it for other purposes - it just distinguished it from pleasure insurance, because the former meant it was on the road more frequently than the latter, so had a higher chance of an accident.  Iím in a no fault province, so being sued isnít possible.  Whether other provinces would allow such a lawsuit, I donít know.  No one is being physically harmed in the way an insurance company might look at it, and thereís no damage to the vehicle.  Good question.

ETA - just checked my provinceís rules and it states that farm vehicles can only be used to go to school or work for 4 days per month and for only 1609 kms annually.  So if used outside those parameters, the person itís registered to wouldnít be covered in case of accident.
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