Author Topic: Anyone made the switch from pure salary to a commission based position?  (Read 1474 times)


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I am thinking about making a career change.  My current job appears to be a dead-end....long story, but very poor management.  I've applied to several sales positions, and one of them seems to be promising.  I am somewhat worried about losing a steady paycheck.  The base pay for the potential sales job is only about 60% of my current pay, but it seems like the upside potential could put me above my current salary based on my sales.  It is IT sales, and I understand that I will be given a few accounts to manage when I am just starting out.  My current job is not in sales.

Any advice/thoughts are appreciated. 


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Started on commissioned IT sales during the financiapocalypse-no other jobs were available in 2009.

Best thing that ever happened to me-I never would have been able to make as much money, or get to FIRE as quickly if not for selling.

I didn't enjoy it. It was a grind, but it teaches you things. You'll either get very mentally tough, or you won't hack it.

After you get good at it, you'll never have to worry about being unemployed ever again. Many skills (TV Repair, COBOL coding, assembly line work) go out of date, but sales is eternal. We're the first skill that an employer hire for when the company is young, and the last one they fire before going out of business. It's one of the last things that AI will eliminate.

Feel free to ask me questions-this is an area that i'm passionate about.