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Title: Anyone Here Drive A Venza?
Post by: Dicey on June 20, 2014, 11:20:41 PM
Hi  Mustachians,
I've asked for help on this topic before, but now we've narrowed our search down a bit. Hubby still wants me to get rid of my oil burnin' mini-van and I'm dragging my feet. Of course we will buy used and pay cash.

Background: I'm retired, he walks to work. We're not bike riders any more, but we walk everywhere we can. We're looking for a family car that's comfortable for long trips (we have rental property eight hours drive from here). Must fit five adults w/ luggage.  We want something that's a good cruiser and gets decent mileage, but not convinced that hybrids are worth the dough. I'm a huge Costco fan, so good capacity is also must. Sooooo, I'm finally considering a used Toyota Venza. Does anyone out there with a Mustachian mindset own one? I'd appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Thanks!
Title: Re: Anyone Here Drive A Venza?
Post by: mxt0133 on June 21, 2014, 12:34:29 AM
From a mustachian stand point it is a gas guzzler, a little better if you only get the 4 cylinder version.  I got the car when we had our first child and knew it was a mistake financially, but I chose to fight another battle like not getting a bigger place.

Now as far as the car goes, it a very good utility vehicle, lots of room ,the rear seats fold down so you can fit a couch, bed frame, ect.  It would be tight for 5 adults with luggage.  Unless everyone is around 130lbs and about 5'5".  It's a decent car but I think you can get one with less bells and whistles.  I think of it as a glorified station wagon.  Which I think you should get instead.  I'm think a Subaru Outback or even a old Honda Accord station wagon.