Author Topic: Any veterinrians? Long term prednisone use for dog  (Read 13681 times)


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Re: Any veterinrians? Long term prednisone use for dog
« Reply #50 on: February 22, 2016, 07:50:31 AM »
No I didn't ask in the office during the appointment, this didn't become an issue until 4 months later when I tried to renew the prescription and they wanted to do more blood work.  The vet techs don't know anything, but I spoke to the vet in the office, and over the phone, and no they didn't provide any reasonable answers, hence this thread.  It's very hard to keep my cool when they won't answer a pointed question about why it's necessary after only 6 months, and how it's going to effect our treatment course, and it's even harder to keep my cool when they insist the testing be done after only 4 months, even after I point out that it's only been slightly less than 4 months (and obviously <4 months =|= 6 months). 

I usually get great customer service almost everywhere I go.  It's usually only a problem when I know/suspect I am being bilked out of money.