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Title: Any Mustachian travel tips for Boston and Providence (with kid?)
Post by: nico demouse on April 02, 2015, 11:29:28 AM
My husband's work is sending him to Boston and Providence. Our son (7) and I are tagging along.

Any tips for Mustachian sightseeing/dining in either city? Are both cities pretty walkable with a child? It would be nice to do this without a car. Will there be places near the downtown of either city where we can grab groceries to make breakfasts/lunches in our hotel? We are used to downtown Chicago, where you would be hard pressed to find an actual grocery store.

I'm looking online and it seems as though there may be a commuter train from Boston to Providence. Would this be a realistic way to get us from one city to the other?

Any other insight to the area or general budget travel tips would be greatly appreciated. :)

Title: Re: Any Mustachian travel tips for Boston and Providence (with kid?)
Post by: aneel on April 02, 2015, 11:39:12 AM
Hi! Local here!
Yes! there are actual grocery stores in downtown.  Depending on where in the city your'e staying look up Shaws, Star, or Trader Joe's. 
Boston is very walkable, even with a child.  A day in the Public Garden's is very free and fun, also nearby would be the Charles River Esplanade and the Boston Common.  For non-walking travel you'll want to pick up two plastic Charlie Cards.  These can be loaded with money and used to travel about, if you think you'll travel a lot, then pick up a week pass instead (from any MBTA vending machine - it is a paper ticket).  You definitely don't need a car, but you might consider doing something like Relay Rides to go to Providence and back it would be $42 round trip to take the commuter rail to Providence and back, which does at least take you directly from one city center to the other, but I'd still check Relay Rides (its like craigslist for zipcar).
I'm a big fan of Providence over Boston, its smaller and thus more walkable, and I LOVE the Rhode Island School of Design art museum and highly recommend it.  Good luck with your travels!
Title: Re: Any Mustachian travel tips for Boston and Providence (with kid?)
Post by: Danny929 on April 04, 2015, 12:00:43 PM
I agree with aneel ,
The swan boats at the Public Garden are inexpensive and fun, especially for a seven year old.
 Kids also like just riding on the t and you can go all over.
 On the weekends, on nice days, street performers will be at Faneuil Hall. (magicians  etc. kid friendly)
Walk to the  Aquarium and see the seals out front. (this is free)
The duckboats and codzilla and whale watches are pricey. it can be less expensive to take a  harbor island ferry to Georges Island and Spectacle . then  you can be out on the harbor and go to a Civil War fort, and a  swimming beach (bring a picnic lunch.)
There is actually a ferry that goes from Charlestown to downtown that cost 1 or 2$. this is a very short ride. (still fun for 7 year old)
Near Science Park kids can watch the duckboats splash in from the pedestrian bridge and then walk down to the locks that connect the Charles River to Boston Harbor, walk right on top of the locks and watch the boats pass thru.( free and kid friendly).
In the harbor. kids can see the USS Constitution,Navy boats,tugs, and planes landing at Logan. right over their heads.
Title: Re: Any Mustachian travel tips for Boston and Providence (with kid?)
Post by: nico demouse on April 04, 2015, 08:33:09 PM
Thank you, both! It's very helpful to get some insight from people who know the area. :)

We cancelled our rental car reservation. Huge savings!
Title: Re: Any Mustachian travel tips for Boston and Providence (with kid?)
Post by: skinnyindy on April 05, 2015, 05:21:40 AM
We like using a car to go to the zoo in Rhode island, it is the best of the east coast.  I know you want to save money however the Boston city pass can be used to see lots of great sites for less.  You can also buy a membership to your local science museum and use it to get into Boston museums for half off or more. It is called the ASTC passport program.  The science museum is very educational, and it was very cheap for us by using our Bishop Museum pass (we live in Hawaii). Also check on the Boston Children's Museum, we have gone on Friday night's and Target sponsors $1 night's there.  As you walk there you can see a live tea party throwing the tea off a ship. Right before it closes the cafe sells their pastry and maybe bread for half price and you can eat it for breakfast.  Boston common also has a play ground that has some kind of play area with water, Frogs playground I think?  You can see children from around the world on the jungle gym.  There is also a tiny water play area along the Charles river.  Even if you don't go up to the top of the Prudential, across the street there is an area that shoots water over kids, they love it and there are benches around it to sit on for adults.  I could go some more but my finger is tired of typing on this kindle.