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Title: Another Bike Trailer Thread
Post by: MSC on April 05, 2014, 11:34:33 AM
Good Afternoon,

I know the topic of trailers has been discussed before, but I'd like to reopen a discussion for the sake of some specific questions I have.

1. Is there one trailer that is considered the best all around workhorse? I've been leaning towards the Burley Travoy ( or Wike Speedy ( cart for the simplicity and convenience--they both fold.

The cons to both of these are that they don't really have a lot of room, and are limited in their carrying capacity.

2. Is there any trailer / combination that could easily / semi-easily carry a 80+ pound dog? I've been considering also the Wike DIY Trailer ( with some sort of crate on top ( The whole purpose of this setup is to avoid driving the six miles to the dog park, 90% of which is an off street path. The trailer could then be used to carry other heavy stuff, but is not nearly as convenient as the two trailers mentioned above.

3. Is there anything wrong with owning multiple bike trailers?

I think If I'm really hardcore about cycling as a primary mode of transportation I might have to own multiple bike trailers... This is especially true of I need something with seatbelts if and when children start coming along...

Title: Re: Another Bike Trailer Thread
Post by: darkadams00 on April 05, 2014, 12:08:25 PM
DIY or prefab is more of a question about your available tools, skills, time, and costs. For me, after almost six months of sorting this out, the costs for anything DIY was higher although I had the tools, skills, and time. The materials just weren't available to me for reasonable expense. I also looked at the Wike DIY Trailer locally and was not satisfied given the cost for what the trailer actually offers.

I scored an immaculate, 1-month old, high quality child's bike trailer for 70% off new price on Craigslist, put a more solid base in it, and can use it for ~100 pounds although I can't think of much that I would possibly put in it that would actually put that figure to the test. Groceries--check, hardware store--check, monthly household goods restock--check, cooler/sporting goods/picnic items to the park--check, smaller building materials--most except masonry items, animals--check (I assume 80 pounds of dog could fit in a space previously occupied by 90 pounds of kid, although I don't know whether your dog would agree or not). And I only take the trailer when two panniers aren't enough. For me, switching between a trunk bag, one or two panniers, and a trailer offers enough options to handle everything I would do with my bike for the past two years or so.

Regarding (3), if I had a regularly occurring (at least monthly) need for a more heavy-duty trailer, e.g. masonry goods, long boards, multiple storage bins, really large items, I would not hesitate to buy one in addition to my weekly go-getter. Where road/mtb cyclists get excited about the n+1 bike, utility cyclists can easily get amped about the n+1 trailer. Just make sure the need for "heavy duty" and "larger capacity" is really a need. You do remember that you have to pull this trailer, right?

Title: Re: Another Bike Trailer Thread
Post by: bikeknit on August 15, 2014, 12:29:17 PM
Hello MSC,

I have also been looking at the travoy trailer.  Looks like it could be good for graceries and items bigger than what I can carry in my paniers.  I'm a woman hitting 60 so don't expect to be carrying large loads, as you may.  But the travoy looks as if it might be easy to move to other bikes (like my husband's).  I'm wondering what you decided on?  Did you get a Travoy?  If so, do you like it?

Title: Re: Another Bike Trailer Thread
Post by: MSC on August 24, 2014, 06:34:00 AM
I did get the Travoy and I do like it.

It works great and the fact that it folds up for compact storage is great. It lacks in the versatility department in that I can't carry large or heavy loads with it. I did have it fully loaded with 60+ lbs and it worked fine. I still feel as though I need a flatbed trailer for other (larger/heavier) things that wouldn't make sense on the Travoy. For a day-to-day trailer it works great and I have no complaints!