Author Topic: New Job means new 401k provider  (Read 941 times)


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New Job means new 401k provider
« on: April 24, 2019, 02:04:24 PM »
Well I had Vanguard with my old employer and continued to use Vanguard with all my past 401k accounts transferred to a Traditional IRA.

Largest Retirement Account:
Vanguard Traditional IRA
 - 73% VTSAX - Admiral Total Stock
 - 24% VBTLX - Admiral Total Bond
 - 3% VGSLX - Admiral REI

With the new company my 401k & HSA accounts are held with Fidelity.  The first thing I did was transfer my HSA from HealthEquity to Fidelity.  Goal was to remove the monthly charges HE had.  Also from research I came to the conclusion that Fidelity was the better choice

HSA Picked Option [Small still putting money in]
 - 100% FZROX - FIDELITY ZERO TOTAL MARKET INDEX Exp Ratio Gross/Net (0.0%)

401k Option [Small still putting money in]
 - 70% FXAIX - Fidelity® 500 Index Fund - Exp Ratio Gross/Net (0.015%)
 - 30% My IT Company Stock

The issues that I noticed was that Fidelity’s ‘ZERO’ options appeared better than the Vanguard ‘Total’ options with expense ratios/costs.  Also my 401k was limited on which mutual funds that I could choose.  I picked the best I could find with the idea of low exp ratios and ‘Total Market’.  The Fid500 was closely tied to the SP500 and appeared to be my best option.

I was wondering what others thought about the Vanguard ‘Total’ vs Fidelity ‘ZERO’ funds.