Author Topic: AMEX Gold Card application dilemma--frustration  (Read 2979 times)


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AMEX Gold Card application dilemma--frustration
« on: November 13, 2016, 02:44:45 PM »
My wife and I have been AMEX green card users for 20 years--always paid on time, and typically charge around $1-2K or more a month.

I have received offers in the mail for gold and other cards, but never bothered to follow up. Today I called to discuss applying for a Gold Premier Rewards card.

They told me that the offer is not currently on my account and I would have to apply for a Gold Premier Rewards card as a new application. This makes no sense to me. Then, if accepted, I would have to call in and cancel the green card (we don't want both!)

So, I have a few questions about this. 

1.) How difficult is it to get approved for a Gold Premier Rewards card? Does our excellent payment history with them count for anything?? (I'm guessing not--just because!)

2.) Would it be worth asking to talk to a supervisor and explaining that I am not happy with this situation and am considering just getting a different rewards card (Chase Sapphire) instead?

3.) If approved, and I then cancel the green card, is that a bad move for credit score--will it be seen as canceling a card or just upgrading?

4.) I also want a Blue cash rewards card (6% back at supermarkets). Does it make sense to apply for one of those now?

After all our years of having this card, I am not impressed with their policy, to say the least. I am tempted to just get a Chase Sapphire card--we just completely paid off all of our credit cards (incl. a Chase Slate).

Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated
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Re: AMEX Gold Card application dilemma--frustration
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2016, 10:39:38 AM »
As for the new Gold Card application, you WANT to apply for this as a new account - that way you can get whatever rewards benefits you're entitled to for a 'new' account.  Existing accounts 'upgrading' aren't usually eligible for the rewards bonuses. 

Also, check out the card you want to make sure the reward is exactly what you want.  There are MANY MANY cards with bonuses - be sure you're applying for the one with the highest bonus in your desired area (airfare, hotel, general/Chase Rewards, etc).  Look over one of the many internet lists of 'cards to sign up for', and look over their signup bonuses.  One site I like is THIS ONE.

1. You'll get approved.  If not, call the 'reconsideration line' for the card you're applying for, and speak to a *person* to explain your situation
2. This really won't help.
3. Yes.  Keep the green card (unless there's an annual fee), and keep a zero balance.  Closing cards does affect your credit score, but it may not be something you care about - not sure of your situation re: credit score.
4. Yes.  Apply for both in two different browsers (i.e. 'Chrome', and 'Firefox'). Hit the <Apply> button at the same time for both.  Some say this doesn't matter, but it's worked for me, so I still do it.

Most of all - best of luck!


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Re: AMEX Gold Card application dilemma--frustration
« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2016, 06:33:40 PM »
Thanks! The idea of closing a card with 20+ years of on-time payments sounds like a bad idea (I realize it doesn't just disappear, but stays on your record for ~ ten years). And I would close it because it would have no purpose and costs about $100/year.

At this point I think I might just get the Blue Cash Preferred card and wait to decide on the travel rewards card. Thanks for the link.


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