Author Topic: Advice on Car insurance and rental insurance  (Read 806 times)


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Advice on Car insurance and rental insurance
« on: July 11, 2019, 06:08:23 PM »
Hi, I read a Personal Finance for Dummies book and it had some thoughts on car insurance which was something along the lines of don't get all the bell and whistles because it cost a lot. At the same time, I also have an acquaintance that sells car/life insurance state to me that you shouldn't go cheap on car insurance because in the case something does happen, you won't be covered because you went cheap. For what it's worth, I trust this acquaintance and he has never once attempted to sell me anything, instead he recommends I do my research and just wanted to educate me on it.

Quick history, I've been driving for 12+ years without a single accident or ticket. In any case, I don't plan on getting either one any time soon :D. Thoughts on car insurance and what to get?

On rental insurance, I might be getting too cheap here but we don't own anything that's too valuable and I have the funds to replace it if anything were to happen. I don't know much about rental insurance except that it's supposed to replace your belongings? Unless I'm missing something (please feel free to educate me on this) is it needed?


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