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Title: Advice for new grad bachelors in marketing
Post by: Murse on March 23, 2016, 05:51:05 PM
This advice is for my girlfriend, she has a bachelors in marketing, she has worked for the last 4 years in retail. After graduating in August she got a job as a lower middle manager at target making roughly 18$/hour. She decided she did not like the hours and varying schedule so she looked for other jobs. She took a job as a financial advisor in training, she was getting paid salary 32k/year, plus commissions (in the future when she was getting sales.) she was at this firm for 2 months and was taking an exam "life and health insurance." She has always struggled with tests, she failed it 3 times, after failing it the third time yesterday they told her they had to let her go. She is now trying to figure out what direction to go with her career.

Normal hours , she does not want to work swing shifts or nights (preferably holidays off)
She wants at least 15$/hour with a nice career trajectory up.
No to minimum license requirements

Ability to get bonuses or commissions, she feels she is very good at sales, she did well at target always crushing her red card goals and while training to be a financial advisor she never had a problem getting meetings with clients.

Questions, what fields should she look into and where should she look for jobs. She lives fairly close to Portland, Oregon. All advice is welcome, thank you.
Title: Re: Advice for new grad bachelors in marketing
Post by: bobechs on March 23, 2016, 11:17:58 PM
The Army.

Hard to make a precise pay comparison to civilian jobs, but a 2LT makes about $25/hr depending on particular allowances and actual hours.

There will be tests, though.

A CPL or SPC makes closer to your minimum requirement.  Plenty of tests, but usually not as academically demanding.
Title: Re: Advice for new grad bachelors in marketing
Post by: TravelJunkyQC on March 24, 2016, 07:28:56 AM
If she's got the skills and motivation as you say she has, how about product or ad sales? If she knows the retail field well and she kills it in sales, this might be an interesting avenue. The hours are regular 9 to 5 (although depending on the company there could be travel involved), and so many companies need product sales reps (pharmaceuticals, retail companies, etc.). She could also be an internal sales rep (instead of selling the product to external companies, she represents her company to people who want to place ads in their product - best example, a magazine publisher who accepts ads in their products or a radio station). Bachelors in marketing with 4 years retail experience and a solid proven track record in sales - if she interviews well, I have no doubt she'd be able to find a great junior account manager/sales rep position.