Author Topic: Adventure oppurtunity: Where should couple w/ toddler go live for a month?  (Read 2384 times)


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DH is a medical resident.  Next year (2015-2016) he has a month of elective where he can literally go ANYWHERE. To satisfy his residency, he just has to contact a doctor/hospital that will let him hang out with them for 20 hours a week. A friend of ours is in Ecuador right now enjoying the beach.

-Must be English or French speaking. Doesn't have to be the official language but majority of people need to speak it. In a medical setting, DH wants to understand what's going on.

-Walking/public transit friendly
-Good home base for day trips

-1000-1500 for lodging
-Enough airline miles to get easily get everyone to Europe, Caribbean, North America. Middle East, Africa, and South America are possible but more of a stretch. Asia and Oceania would be hard to swing with all of us.

Suggestions on cities/towns/time of year are welcome. Our son will be two at the time, and we may be able to tack on an additional vacation week on the front or back end.


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Re: Adventure oppurtunity: Where should couple w/ toddler go live for a month?
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St. Kitts?


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Puerto rico


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St Croix


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The Philippines. 

Bob W

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