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vehicle share question
« on: January 28, 2019, 11:55:08 AM »
Forum, An unusual opportunity presented itself. I have wanted a truck forever. We have two cars already, neither of which has a roof rack or mounts or capacity to really hold plywood, long steel, or other big building materials. I have been informed I will NEVER be allowed to get another vehicle nor are the two vehicles eligible to ever be sold. These are the groundrules of this exercise. At the same time, I love building and we are starting in on numerous home renovation projects.

Enter a neighbor who overheard some of this, and has a 20 year old compact pickup with 200K miles, my DREAM vehicle. He uses the truck about once a month. The idea of a vehicle share came up. I suspect despite my aspirations I'd only truly use the truck once or twice a month as well, but it would be so handy when needed given my limited storage and the $35 delivery fee the local lumberyard charges and reassuring it is available if some hot ticket came up on Craigslist.

Anyone do this? Do I offer $10 a trip for expenses? $30 a month membership fee? Uses would be for getting wood and drywall and the occasional craigslist or steelyard pickup.