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Title: A good online financial planning class for free - recommendations?
Post by: Malaysia41 on September 02, 2014, 03:45:30 PM
I just recommend my twenty-something daughters and nieces (!-have-agreed-to-teach-$-to-20-somethings-in-our-clan-where-to-start) take this UofF Coursera online personal financial planning ( course.

What would you recommend?  I've challenged them to become FI before I did.  For those who do, I will buy them a drink in Rome.  They know the challenge, they understand the concept of FU money and the 4% SWR.  But IDK how many skills they have for getting there.

This coursera course appears to provide the basics.  But I know the basics can be mind numbing.  So if you are aware of any free online courses that really get through to this age group - please recommend.