Author Topic: 401(k) Fees - Details and Questions  (Read 1671 times)


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401(k) Fees - Details and Questions
« on: March 10, 2017, 07:33:54 AM »
After making some progress in improving my investment choices in my 401k with Mustachianhelp I have embarked on a journey to learn about fees (why are my fund fees so high?) and administrative costs. I followed a couple of examples that I found here and asked for proposals from Vanguard d Small Business and Employee Fiduciary which appear to be worlds away from the current fees I am dealing with in Principal so I was hoping to get some help in figuring out questions to ask to get a better understanding of in particular the admin costs. My 401k is currently set up with 0.37% admin fees and when I requested details (specifically the 408(b)(2)) I was told that form was a confidential legal fiduciary document, but oh hey here is the number of our Principal Relationship Manager to whom you can put some questions. So what might be some savvy questions that would help crack this nut?


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Re: 401(k) Fees - Details and Questions
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Are you solo/self-employed, or shopping plans for your small business with employees?


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Re: 401(k) Fees - Details and Questions
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Wow, a phone plan for fifteen bucks!