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Accidental duplicate - disregard
« on: November 06, 2018, 12:50:07 PM »
Hi all,

My husband and I recently found MMM and are excited to work towards FI! We are 25 and 26, recently finished paying off our student debt ($60,000) and are now in the place where we can actually do something with the extra money that was getting thrown at those loans over the last couple years.  We're currently living on about 50% of our take home pay, so I think we're moving in the right direction! 

We've saved $25K in the last 6 months, and right now that's just sitting in our savings account.  We feel comfortable doing something with $20K of that (want to keep a small emergency fund), but aren't sure what.  We want to buy a fixer upper duplex when a good deal presents itself (fix it up, rent out the other side, make $$) - my husband is a realtor so he's on top of that, but we are unsure if we should keep putting money in savings for a larger down payment/renovations, or start investing.  Loan interest rates only seem to be going up.

So really, I'm looking for specific advice on what we should do with that extra money given the current stock market/housing market.

Thanks in advance!!

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