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Hi y'all lovely FI’ers,

First, I'd like to thank you for those who post on DIY and real estate, I've been a long term lurker in these posts and got a lot of advice from you on tips of DIY houses and stuff. Thank you!

Recently I was offered a job and it caused me to reflect on my priorities. Currently I am living in a small town in NW Arkansas and I plan on FIRE within 5 years (if I maintain current pay / bonus, which is probable).

I was offered a job in Atlanta taking a 25% pay cut from 113k to 90k (without bonus, with bonus will more like 43% pay cut) for a really cool non-profit organization with my favorite boss of all times. Basically I will only save $1500 (instead of $3700 currently) if I take this job and move to Atlanta which isn’t really an option for me. I am considering negotiating working remotely which means I will save $2500 a month. This will push my FIRE date from 2025 to 2029.
Below are pros and cons of accepting the new job, but I wanted to see what you guys think other things I should consider?

Job Satisfaction:
•   Working with a person who I like, am familiar with, know I work well with, know he's got my back, not have to worry as much about fighting for my compensation (evaluation time/admin stuff)
•   Non-profit. I have explored some non-profit opportunities at my local corporation. But I never really loved the idea of working FOR a for-profit corporation. I didn’t know what to do because people keep saying this is the best place to start sustainability efforts or to change the world because it is the biggest retailer. But the truth is, most of my time is not spent on changing the world to be better.
Longevity of Career:
•   Broaden my area of expertise from only being in accounting to ethics and compliance, HR, etc. I will no longer be pigeon holed into “accounting” per say – which at my current job, it seemed that way.
•   Eventually may be able to remote – which lowers the cost of living drastically and be able to live in Montana or Colorado.
•   30%~ pay cut. S.O. will likely get a pay increase in Atlanta but I want to be self-sustainable.
•   Travel is stated 60%
•   Traveling for work will be economy (international flights) – this is fine for now but may become a pain in the neck.
•   Working remotely and not having coworkers may have a bigger negative impact on me than I anticipate
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