Author Topic: 'Escaped' from Mustachianism for a few weeks and feel totally different  (Read 2958 times)


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Maybe this is why people (and the website) call it a cult.  As long as you addictive-ly follow, and go full-mustache on his new homepage, then you are pulled in to regular commenting and posting.  But, if you step away for a significant time, and I was without a 3G signal on my phone, let alone wi-fi, had to actually think for myself this summer :)  Well, I've walked away, and when I came back, I found new threads (MMM sacred cows, 'my wife flipped out', etc.) that I never knew existed.  Also, I had the free time to watch 'Before Midnight' with my wife which is dense with interesting discussion topics, including one we happened upon which is somewhat Mustachian: "Do you remember this friend of mine... we found out that he had leukemia and was probably going to die... he was relieved... "I have enough money to last the next 9 months" -  He was able to enjoy everything about life, even being stuck in traffic, he would just sit and look at people, staring at their faces, just little things"... 
We have found our family to be content with life in our own way, with my wife now returning to work and allowing me to retire whenever I want.  I never thought my life would return to this pleasure of youth, but I am finally there now, and I don't really need to keep posting.  Maybe I owe it to this community, but I just want to live in any and every direction that interests me.

I have more success finding my way without the internet.  I think people are mostly trying to help and discuss, it will always be a push-pull between people that know what to say.

TL;DR  I won't post as regularly here, although more power to the regulars and mods who do an excellent 'job' - I enjoy having access, and after the latest thread, becoming a lurker on the internet sounds ideal :)
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Re: 'Escaped' from Mustachianism for a few weeks and feel totally different
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This is fantastic news, and I'm genuinely happy for you!

We as a society have been sold and convinced that we need the internet and this constant need for communications and updates. We don't, and it frequently generates unproductive behaviors, manufactures wants, and fosters addictions. It's a difficult message to communicate and sell, especially using the very medium being denounced, but it's an important message we should all listen to. (I know this first hand given what I do say, and some days it is nothing more than the sheer will of trying to help others find and recognize this truth within the environment this message is most needed that keeps me coming back.)

Let EscapeVelocity serve as an example to the rest of the community. Once you master the basics and reclaim your life... you're done here. It's time to spread your wings and strike out on your own. You don't need this site. You don't need the internet. You don't need others to think for you or entertain you. Life is lived around you every day. The more time spent here deprives you of countless gifts and opportunities that happen right under your nose. Unplug and get out there.

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Re: 'Escaped' from Mustachianism for a few weeks and feel totally different
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Good luck EV. You will be missed by this poster. I like what you have to say. It's nearly always contrarian to the majority, but it makes me think/question the common advice.

I saw that MMM sacred cows thread as well. It led me in a diffrent direction, but to each their own.

I agree there is more to life than this website, the internet, etc, but to me it provides great entertainment and I learn something new here at least every week. I like it. I plan to stay around for the long haul, even post FIRE like many other members here.

But again, I wish you more than just luck.


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Re: 'Escaped' from Mustachianism for a few weeks and feel totally different
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Godspeed, EV. For me, this site is very much necessary. I'm one of the people IP is talking about, always on the internet, always obsessing over something. One day I may not be that person, but for now if I have to obsess over anything, I'd much rather it be financial health and tips for good living. I know that since I've been obsessing here, I've had more walks through nature with my wife and son than I've had in the 6 months prior.