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Mod Delete Please - accidental multi post
« on: April 14, 2018, 12:50:36 PM »
My husband is one of 3 partners in a company that's been selected to receive almost $200 million in funding from a reputable trust investor.

They are supposed to receive the funds on the 30th of this month.

Now he's just found out that the other two were offered a bridge loan by the investment bank for $800,000 "in case the full funding does not come in on time." They personally signed for this. My husband did not sign, because he thought it was better to just wait for full funding. (What difference does a week +/- make anyway?)

The banker is saying the money has to "go from European Country X then to London then to the US" and is so slow because of Patriot Act and other regulations.

If anyone has experience with investment banking or funding processes, is this fishy or totally normal?

Husband is wondering why the money has to "go through" a second country, and why they're giving a range of dates now, as in it could be the 30th, could be a week or two later. I would think that an amount that large would be accounted for closely enough to have a specific clearing date.

The broker's company that put the investment together also has just a landing page as a website.

Has anyone worked in investment banking or startup funding? Is this totally funky? My husband and the partners are very experienced in their industry, but not in the funding world.

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