Author Topic: Women gives up home because she spent $18k attending weddings and bachelorette parties  (Read 1447 times)


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This makes my brain hurt. I’m shocked it’s not actually more money.

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It looks to me as though she made a conscious decision to attend all of the wedding-related events regardless of the price or the cost to herself, without making any attempt to control the expense. It's actually possible to wear clothing more than once, to attend some events but not others (the wedding, for example, as opposed to the "hen do" or the reception), and to send regrets and a gift to people you don't see as often or who are going to destination weddings.

An invitation to a destination wedding is generally: "we're acknowledging you but don't expect to attend".

It would be better for her if she owned this decision instead of presenting herself as someone who's being pressured into spending far more than she can afford. She clearly doesn't have the income to socialize as expensively as she's been socializing.


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"While it's exciting and "an honor" to be invited to a ceremony or a hen do, she said, she finds it difficult to turn one down for fear of coming across as rude."

"Some people say I should start turning down invites of once-removed-type friends, but it's not that easy to turn down a wedding invite," she said. "It's seen as a bit of a social faux pas."

Never mind the financial decisions, she needs therapy to address the emotional issues.


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Those "once-removed type friends" are just inviting her to get a gift I bet. Weddings have become such a ridiculous spectacle. Unfortunately my family is scattered so no matter where I do it people will have to travel, but this trend of having bachelorette weekends in far off cities costing $1000+ is crazy. Give me a small party with my close friends and family (you know, the people I care about and who care about me) and that's all the celebration I need.
I don't even feel bad for the girl in that article, she's an idiot who made stupid choices at the expense of her own stability. I do feel bad for her parents though, they should kick her out.