Author Topic: Why are families earning 50K broke - UK  (Read 12604 times)

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Re: Why are families earning 50K broke - UK
« Reply #50 on: September 20, 2016, 06:06:06 AM »
TL;DR: Be happy for what you have, it's worse for millions.

I can't help but think that we Americans are still doing it wrong when it comes to time off...

I'll offer a different perspective, given that I returned after a 3.5 week vacation in Kenya (where I was born and raised, but consider myself an American by values and naturalization):

My friends, family and acquaintances, hotel staff in Kenya are willing to do anything, I mean anything, to LEGALLY move to the US to have access to the business opportunities here, whether corporate wage slaves or small business owners. Most of these folks own their own business in Kenya but are hampered by mega-epic-humongous levels of corruption and bureaucracy. The ones who have degrees from UK/US universities and working for corporations don't get paid on par with their equivalents in western countries, since corporations don't see the value of a Tax Accountant, a Legal Counsel, etc. Meanwhile cost of living in Nairobi is high, very high. Real estate is expensive.

So when we in the west talk about having time off, they laugh and say at least we westerners have well-paying and stable jobs and businesses, and they would rather not have any vacation for years in lieu of our jobs and economy. In Kenya, by law, employees get 4 weeks of vacation. The man/woman on the street will tell you they would rather work that vacation month since they don't have money for a holiday. Many go back to their home village and spend a month of gardening their shamba (field plot) that can be maintained by their parents/relatives.