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Showoff Idiot Friend
« on: May 01, 2013, 06:42:37 AM »
I have to share this because it made me laugh so much when i got it that i was thinking about it for days.  An old frienemy of mine sent me this text out of the blue the other day: 

"In our hometown for the first meeting of the museum board-emergency meeting because the contractor screwed us.  On my bucket list, got a faculty position at a better NYC institution then my folks (he's a science professor), got my MBA, on a museum board, and live in NYC apartment (uptown Manhattan and pricey), and now leaving NYU to go to a director position at investment bank so i can finally start saving money.  Hopefully I can go retire in peace on Sullivan Island soon - go be Hemingway."

After 15 years of being a professor of sciences and with his parents handing money to him all his life (no college debt, never paid for rent or any of his first couple cars, etc) i was sort of perplexed on why he wasn't retired already. When I asked him why he told me "well you know, expenses... living life."    Looks like saving is too hard when you are blowing 6 figures on fancy cars and traveling.   

I told him I too was planning to retire soon and he asked "oh, did you guys come into money?"  No asshole, I'm saving MMM style.