Author Topic: Washington Post cartoons: "Why your 20s and 30s arenít so different..."  (Read 2937 times)


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While I find these funny, I also believe that poor money management can be found -- and fixed -- at any age, not just the 20s/30s.


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Full set -

oh boy, thanks for this.  I got lost for 15 minutes looking at the other cartoons too...


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Ha ha ha! Thanks for the full set, her context makes it more appealing.


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I wonder how true this is. I mean, I figure that most of the people on here have a good idea of their finances in their 20s, so I guess our 30s will be quite different. The only difference I can think of is that I hope to be retired midway through my 30s, in about 9 years and 2 months...but who's counting?


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Love the "bonds" cartoon!


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These were great, added to the comics thread.  Thanks for sharing!
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