Author Topic: someone to buy expensive clothes for you.  (Read 1957 times)


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I saw this on Facebook, had to share. This acquaintance was posting that she just got her second fix and is keeping all 5 items, how awesome! Lots of people asking her questions and saying they are going to try it. From what I can gather, you answer some questions and they send you 5 items that are selected by a stylist to fit your taste, lifestyle, style, etc. I am trying to determine what could possibly be the reason people would do this...??? A main selling point seems to be that you can try on the clothes in the privacy of your own home.
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Re: someone to buy expensive clothes for you.
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Here's a thread where it was suggested the OP use a personal shopper:  Basically, I would think it would be helpful for a person who: 1) is not good at fashion, 2) needs to look good to succeed in their job, 3) has no time to learn how to dress appropriately and/or time to go to stores to shop.  It may also be helpful for the person who feels uncomfortable publicly shopping (extrememe shyness or body image issues).