Author Topic: Seen the new Cadillac ELR commercial  (Read 20119 times)


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Re: Seen the new Cadillac ELR commercial
« Reply #50 on: March 06, 2014, 11:48:33 AM »
If you are not a North American, and found that commercial to be fascinating, please take a moment to look at our "Harley culture".  This involves a bunch of middle to elderly ages men who dress up and play a fantasy role, and do so not in obscure little groups, but numbering in the millions.

The object is to purchase a grossly overpriced, technologically obsolete motorcycle that is huge, and loaded with all manners of chrome do-dads, and other bad-assed accoutrements, like skulls and leather tassles. The next requirement is to dress like a retarded, leather wrapped pirate. Now you look like the other million wannabee pirates, and you head out in packs, whilst pretending to be a bunch of "lone wolves"  Absolutely fekin' hilarious. Don't miss it. Fortunately, as a nation, we are so obsessed with this douche bag drivel that we have many TV shows devoted to it. It's great, a bunch of dentists, cops, and factory workers all dressed as Billy badass, and pretending to be hard case lone wolves. Kind of like play time in kindergarden, but louder.

I laughed so hard at this; just wanted to let you know.  My dad owns a Harley and, while he doesn't ride with other people (in fact he hardly rides it at all - even bigger waste), he acts almost exactly like that.  He even has a room full of Harley memorabilia.  It's what he bought himself when I graduated high school (financed it of course).

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Re: Seen the new Cadillac ELR commercial
« Reply #51 on: March 06, 2014, 01:46:57 PM »
"That's the upside of only taking two weeks off in August."

He left out this part...the most important part...

"That's the upside for not taking the last two decades of your working career off."

...anyway, I thought the commercial was a funny parody and if you viewed it as a mustachian, you laughed because it basically pointed out how idiotic it is to be caught up in consumerism--and if you bought into it, then you get what you deserve.
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Re: Seen the new Cadillac ELR commercial
« Reply #52 on: March 07, 2014, 06:34:38 AM »
I thought it was a great commercial for suckers folks who are inclined to buy luxury cars. As someone who will never have that inclination, it could not have been more tone deaf. The commercial does not exist that will convince me of the virtue of owning a luxury car.

No real surprise they ran this a lot during the Olympics. Combine the patriotism with the demographic that can afford winter sports and I'm sure it resonated in some wealthier households.

This is the price we must all pay for NBC to bring us all the great moments from Sochi.   


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Re: Seen the new Cadillac ELR commercial
« Reply #53 on: March 07, 2014, 09:07:54 AM »
And then there's  Gee, if I buy a Cadillac, will the sales staff congregate around the car as I drive it off the lot chanting "Gabba gabba we accept you, we accept you, one of us"? 


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Re: Seen the new Cadillac ELR commercial
« Reply #54 on: March 07, 2014, 11:19:28 AM »
It is a good commercial because it has caused all of you to talk about the ad and about Cadillac. That is a huge success for any advertiser, regardless of what you are saying about the product


"Ellinghaus, who took over as Cadillac’s global chief marketing officer in January -- after the commercial already was in the works -- said early research suggested “we would break through the clutter and generate a hell of a lot of buzz. Mission accomplished.”"

The interesting thing is that the CMO Ellinghaus, a non-American, was clearly not a fan of the ad when he came onboard, and in fact in an attempt to make it "a little more socially palatable" changed the particular car being advertised to be Cadillac's electric vehicle (he would not reveal what the original vehicle was, but it probably made the ad substantially more anti-mustachian). In a funny twist, Jalopnik (where I came across the link to the above interview) also dislikes the ad, but their reason is simply that the overpriced crappy car being advertised doesn't match with the hype of the ad!


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Re: Seen the new Cadillac ELR commercial
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