Author Topic: Retirement age in us rises to 61 from 57!!! Because they want to work longer!!!  (Read 3019 times)


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“I think this trend is one of the most important changes we’ve seen in the labor force in the last quarter of a century,” Johnson said. “I think it’s a really positive development. A lot of people are working longer because they want to work longer. The incentives to work longer have increased.”

Until the 1990s, the retirement age for men had actually been trending younger as pension plans, Social Security benefits and personal savings accrued at a healthy rate, Johnson said.

“That trend stopped and then reversed in the early 1990s,”

This is so contradictory it made me laugh.  Then it reminded me how much financial potential older generations of my family had and wasted, now I'm sad.


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"The incentives to keep working have increased".

For many people, the incentive is avoiding hunger. 


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"The incentives to keep working have increased".

For many people, the incentive is avoiding hunger.

Right now, I need one of those emoticons with the guy rolling around on the floor laughing. 

Nice work Mrs Pete.


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I LOLd at this too, yesterday!  I love these articles where they try to trick us into thinking tht working longer is great!  Because you want to!  And because you are so vibrant!  Working is awesome!

Yeah right, people are working longer because they do not have the FI to do anything else.  Sigh.


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Well, they're perfectly right.  Working is good for you, retirement is bad - and notice that even people like MMM who're selling the idea of early retirement actually do keep on working.

The trick is not to give up work, but to use FI to eliminate as many as possible of the things you dislike about work.  Which, if you look at this thread are hardly ever the work itself, but all the unnecessary crap that's imposed by management.