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Overheard at work
« on: November 21, 2017, 05:37:43 PM »
I have a CW who, at least once a day, visits the gift shop. Employees are allowed to purchase items using employee number, the amount is deducted from the next pay check. Daily this employee comes to her desk with chips and a soda. Every. Single. Day.
One day I just couldn't stop myself and I asked if she never thinks to pack a lunch and snacks... Because it is so costly to buy food items this way (unhealthy, too). I broke out my calculator and guesstimated that she spent about $90/month on pure junk. And this is taken from her paycheck. I asked why she didn't just go to Walmart, or the grocery store, or anywhere, and buy a big bag of chips, soda, etc, and bring them to work??? I was really flabbergasted.... EVERYONE that overheard was so quiet... not a single word.... This wasn't even her lunch... just junk food..... SMH


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Overheard at work
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